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I have seen this working in northern Italy. It has fantastic results and should be supported, as it gives people new skills. The Mood It’s Above Me Now Hoodie success rate is higher than current rehab and community services. Mark says 80% of the people who follow that programme do not go back to alcohol or drugs that’s a pretty bold statement to make and I’d love to see that stats backing this up. We have no idea what happened to this mother and her court hearing. Dates can be changed, car breaking down, or maybe his lawyer sent out a late notice and she couldn’t get there. It’s apparent she was like me and couldn’t afford a lawyer. Lourdes Rae Benedicto yes I understand she was poor but going to a court hearing is pretty important with a monster. And there are multiple ways to raise money.

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As a member of the Comment Reading Association CRA, I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort.She lost custody for not showing up to the court hearing. Sonya Reese , I my court date was September 24th. The courts changed my dates to the 23rd. They mailed my notice out on the 22nd. I showed up for court on the 24th to only find out I lost custody for not showing up.  Mark’s claim that 80% of service users who follow this model dont use or drink again. If his statement is true then that would be phenomenal but I’d like to see the proof yet I cant find it. Stories like this warm the heart though, those that do take up help and turn their lives around deserve every respect. Shame on the BBC, shame on you for upsetting the Nations over 75’s including ALL the Mood It’s Above Me Now Hoodie Veterans who only last week you were lauding for the sacrifices they made in the War. BBC should scrap TV licensing and put ads on there channels like all the others do to make money the BBC should be ashamed of what they are doing.

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