My cow is smarter than the president shirt

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Supreme Court fight looming. For someone obsessed with keeping power, filling this seat in a nomination process that more than half the country says should wait until after the presidential election doesn’t seem like a very smart move for Mitch. Of course, few people have cared less about the will of the people than Mitch McConnell, and few people have damaged government and democracy more than he has. Now he finds himself in a risky situation by trying to fill seat with a My cow is smarter than the president shirt religious, antichoice zealot. In doing so he has surely activated a group that is otherwise hard to g to the pollsyoung women, a group that wasn’t exactly energized by a Joe Biden candidacy. It’s possible that filling this Supreme Court seat in the next few weeks will be the thing McConnell does that makes him and his party lose power for a decade or moreand boy, I, for one, would love to see it happen.