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When the Don’t Care Bear shirt and I will buy this news reached me in August that Senator Kamala Harris had been selected as Joe Biden’s running mate, it struck me that the Democratic Party was ready to listen—and to learn. Harris’s courage, brilliance, energy, and her decades of experience have long qualified her to help lead America forward out of our current national moment. And her perspective as a woman of color is critical to doing the work of helping all of us heal from the strife of racism and racial division. Knowing that Harris’s voice will be central to this dialogue makes me believe that our American union can be strengthened and deepened.

Don’t Care Bear shirt

As Attorney General of California, Harris secured a $20 billion settlement for California homeowners faced with predatory lending. She created the Don’t Care Bear shirt and I will buy this Open Justice database, which made criminal-justice data accessible and transparent to the public. As a senator, she has held politicians to an exacting standard of accountability. She’s also shown us that leadership is not static; it requires a willingness to evolve and to meet ever-changing circumstances with the capacity to adapt and to grow. These are the capacities by which nations not only survive but become stronger, wiser, and more just. These are the capacities we need in our particular moment in human history.

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