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In the Myteebold – Trig or Treat Ghost Moon Maths Halloween shirt living room, Anne matched a brace of joyous orange and yellow Rothkos (Shades of Red, 1961, and Number 1, 1962) on either side of a door that framed a moody Monet nocturne of London’s Houses of Parliament, and was placed as an eye-catcher over a dead center Georgian mantelpiece in the mirrored dining room (where more Miesian chairs had come to rest). On the opposite wall of the vast living room, an amber-color Morris Louis completed the sunset effect. Between them a suave arrangement of George II furniture, stripped of its water gilding and quietly upholstered in oyster damask, was set on a late 18th-century Axminster carpet, with flowers blooming on an earth-color ground. The fresh flowers were usually pale and invariably perfect: A brilliant but indiscreet florist once confided that nosegays of lily of the valley were dispatched and replaced the moment they threatened to show signs of fatigue.

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