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Most definitely 100%. Piers would have busted her on her lies and he would have delved into her answers more aggressively. I think he would have presented facts to counteract certain things she said which would have forced her to clarify her statements with detailed proof, if in fact she had any. Oprah is an entertainer and that is exactly what she gave to the world with her so called interview… entertainment and a platform to support Meghan’s victim narrative. Oprah just let everything Meghan said slide along, with her saying, “Right?” and Oprah replying, “What?!”

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As far as I have seen and heard to date, no one is accused of having said they were concerned Archie Mountbatten-Windsor might be “too dark”. Without naming anyone, the Duchess of Sussex alleged in her chat with friend Ms Winfrey, that “someone” from the Royal Family has mused as to what colour the baby might be at birth. I have done similarly myself, and have been present when family members of patients have done likewise. Will he/she be darker, like his/her Turkana father, or lighter and shorter, like his/her Mijikenda mother? My daughter is married to her husband of Japanese origin. One of my sons is married to his Métis wife. They chatted as to what their sons might look like. It wasn’t because they would love their kids any less, even if they were born blue with pink spots. Why is anyone finding this sort of innocent conjecture in any way offensive?


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