Heidi adorable as well never forget that The O.C. merry chrisMukkah ugly christmas sweater Dinantra to Heidi love the judges you all so cool don’t have anymore vodka nuts on not funny. I would like to have a date Tyra, no feat or belly watchin even I can paint not drawing you just a nice relaxed date? I wish I could have went on a date with her it would have been cool not awkward no coach she would have liked me I just know it. Your one amazing beautiful woman inside and out great sence of humour great mom your the brightest star there is. Hello my lady true diamond you are worth a true date and a dream with you beautiful personally also you are truly appreciate and funny person also being your self the behind the fame that what is beautiful be careful and safe my sweet diamond. Simon if I met you I’d give you such a big fist bump you would give me the golden buzzer.

The O.C. merry chrisMukkah ugly christmas Hoodie

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