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I didn’t understand that they were trying to freeze it, I thought they Official Bernie Sanders the man the mittens the legend shirt literally just going for a torture technique. I just wanted it done and over with, so when they tested if I could feel any pain, I sucked every bit of strength I had and said no through my tear smeared face. We are in the middle of a Pandemic. I agreed to swing by my MIL house on Xmas Eve so that she could see her grandson and her son. The agreement was we would stay in the car, everyone would wear masks. I have been very careful with risk the past year, she has not. During the visit she kept touching my son, on his face, his hands etc. At one point she told him that she wished she could hug him but mommy said she wasn’t allowed to.Official Bernie Sanders the man the mittens the legend shirt

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She thought I hadn’t heard her. I had. I just moved out of my parent’s house and over the top of my dad’s business. It was a funeral home so it was common for florist deliveries. However, there was a sign on the door that no deliveries where accepted after 5pm. Someone came to my door with a bouquet of flowers. I wasn’t seeing anyone at the time and knew of nobody who might bring me any. It was late and it was a bad area so I didn’t answer the door. I had a video surveillance system and I could see the person on the monitor. They were knocking, banging, and ringing the door bell. They seemed to know that someone was living above the funeral home and would stop and look up at my windows. I watched as they walked away leaving the flowers. I went downstairs and not wanting to open the door I waited out of view. Sure enough the person came back for the flowers. The next day I heard on the news that someone living over another nearby funeral home was raped by someone delivering flowers.

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