Ok the joke is over bring back the constitution shirt

I don’t know how true it is I remember Ok the joke is over bring back the constitution shirt teenage girl telling me how much she wanted to get pregnant and how she was deliberately putting pinpricks through her condoms. I don’t remember who it was but I do remember telling her that it was a fucked up thing to do to somebody. but again since I don’t remember who it was I don’t know if they were just telling me that for shock value or not. but I do remember deciding to make a point of always having my own condoms after that conversation. I started crossdressing and sucking my best friends dick when I was 12 and he was 14. He made me suck his cousins dicks as well.

Ok the joke is over bring back the constitution shirt

One cannot survive on coffee alone you also need books shirt

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All I want for christmas is you beer shirtI am a white boy and actually stole estrogen pills and took them way more than anyone would need to in order to help transition to a girl. I had b cup tits before my twin sister and she was like the only one who noticed. I begged my best friend for a few days before he finally cut school with me so I could crossdress and let him make me his slave girl. I didn’t plan on him bring two cousins and a couple older boys from down the street over and making me be a real whore for all of them. He said I was going to get everyone off at least twice before I could take a break and relax and he was good to his word. I was going until after 1 o’clock getting everyone off twice. And sore and raw. He slapped my ass as I was laying on the couch and said he wanted to fuck me again and I said I was really sore could he let me jack him off and he slapped me again and said you are going to do as a say or I might have to let it out that you are a sissy fag for black boys. How about I tell your girlfriend and the rest of the chearleaders first I pout and say you know my sister is on the squad and just laughed and said no I forgotten that and said ride it like the bitch you are and now. He said he didn’t care if I cried he would just fuck me harder.

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