Only Fools and Horses 40th anniversary 1981 2021 signatures shirt

I witnessed a car turn a corner much too fast, swerve all over the Only Fools and Horses 40th anniversary 1981 2021 signatures shirt and crash into a telephone post when I was waiting to cross the street one time. Coincidentally there was an ambulance waiting at the red light next to me and another one driving from the same direction the car had been before it turned. They BOTH pulled up behind the crashed car. After a short time the first ambulance left – I assumed with the driver. The second ambulance asked me if I wanted to wait for the police inside their vehicle as it was lightly drizzling a bit and getting dark. I did and had a lovely chat with the paramedics until they got a call and had to leave (without me, obviously). As I was waiting by myself the car that had crashed started.Only Fools and Horses 40th anniversary 1981 2021 signatures shirt

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It backed up and then drove a few feet forward onto the sidewalk. It was then that I realized the driver hadn’t been taken in the first ambulance at all. I can only assume that they had been called away to another call like the first. Especially since both left the scene with lights and siren going. Whether or not the driver refused I don’t know. Speaking as a nurse, who’s cared for patients of all ages and conditions over the years: Unless Buckingham Palace issues a statement about his condition, there is no way of knowing what’s going on with him, much less his prognosis. Yes, I’ve been estranged for my oldest sister for a little over 2 years now. She’s almost a decade older than me. We grew up in foster care and I went through different foster homes prior to being adopted. I had never met my bio father before and I had been searching for about 10 years once I became an adult. My sister and I were really close and we talked almost daily for years. Wap woman against patriarchy hoodie

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