It took us more than two hours to make it across Raised Right shirt, a journey that would ordinarily have taken only fifteen minutes. We never made it out of first gear and laughed at first at the fact that the pedestrians were travelling faster than us. We eventually crawled onto the road where the bus stop was. By this time we were all thoroughly fed up and had resigned ourselves to the fact that this journey was going to take an eternity, assuming we made it home at all that is. I looked, and sure enough it was. She was standing there in that big overcoat of hers, bags at feet, along with a smattering of other people.


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I guess none of them had heard that public transport had been Raised Right shirt. Or perhaps they had no other option but to wait, on the forlorn hope that something would turn up. The journey resumed. In the back, Neera was on the left, I was in the middle and Anne was on the right. The weather showed no sign of letting up and as we turned onto the main road out of town we started to encounter abandoned cars. We crawled along at a snail’s pace, visibility limited to the rear lights of the vehicle in front and the heavy snowfall surrounding us.

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