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October, we’re gting our judge. He’s saying it’s our October surprise. Yes, another seat on the Supreme Court, to go along with the other two he has already skillfully manipulated Donald Trump into picking, is exactly what Grim Reaper Mitch wants. But the problem he will likely encounter is that slamming through a third nomineeand it looks like it will be Amy Coney Barrt, a favorite of the religious rightmay backfire and could galvanize the Rak always has 2020 shirt Democratic base in a way few other things have, even their fervent desire to g rid of Trump. Americans know what is at risk heresignificantly, a woman’s right to chooseand polls show they are not happy about it. Republicans are in the fight of their lives this election cycle love to see it as they try to keep control of the Senate. But Colorado, Arizona, North Carolina, Maine, Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia, Montana, South Carolina, and maybe even Alaska could all be in play, especially now with a.