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Capitol on Friday, skipping it along with his equally reprehensible wingman, Kevin McCarthy. As David Gura tweed, A woman is lying in state in the United States Capitol for the first time in American history, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch Connell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy decided not to attend her memorial. And I’m not alone in hating McConnell. In the most recent Morning Consult poll, he was the secondmost unpopular senator in the country, second only to the very concerned Sn Collins. But McConnell doesn’t care about being popular with the masses. As Ben Terris in the Ranchers For Trump Flag US Shirt Washington Post writes, Such is the McConnell mantra Do what it takes to rise to power and enjoy the criticism. He is far more interested in being powerful than being popular. McConnell cares about his donors. As a former Trump White House official told the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, McConnell’s been telling our donors that when mes her reward, even if it’s.