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And now, Styles and Wilde have been spotted again out and about strolling through Santa Barbara, California, in a similarly stylish—if altogether more relaxed—pair of fits. For Styles, this meant a cozy brown hoodie and grey sweatpants topped off with a hot pink cashmere beanie by cult label La Ligne. (Bonus points for his other accessories too: Styles went for a pair of Kurt Cobain-style white sunglasses and a paisley bandana as a face mask.) Wilde, meanwhile, wore a cropped argyle sweater, also from La Ligne, paired with brown velvet trousers and a set of low-top white Converse. While rumors that Styles and Wilde are now dating are yet to be confirmed, if they do prove to be true, it’s clear the Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt In addition,I will do this pair already have the perfect coordinating style formula down pat.

Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt

Without fail, every new season ushers in a new It shoe. This summer, it was all about Bottega Veneta’s padded, square toe mules (Katie Holmes, Rihanna, and more were fans). The summer before that, the Grandpa Astronaut in Space shirt In addition,I will do this humble Teva sandal had a moment and was favored by the street style set. You simply can never predict what footwear style is going to take off; affordable or designer, it’s an open playing field. Now that we’re entering 2021 however, a new shoe trend is already brewing—and it’s not exactly what you’d expect. The hottest shoe of the new year is not fresh off the runways but instead, a miniature version of a beloved classic. Meet the mini Ugg boot.

Grandpa Astronaut in Space s Hoodie

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