Santa Claus there’s some ho ho ho’s in the pits shirt, sweater

You are in fact getting close to 9000 euros Santa Claus there’s some ho ho ho’s in the pits shirt, sweater. The reason is simple: banks use old systems that require a lot of people and maintenance and therefore it is impossible for them to charge a rate close to the mid-market and still make a profit. So I find a new doctor in the same practice. The new doctor was also new to the practice. So I dutifully go in for the Hi how are ya meeting and visit. I brought along my bag of medications, including vitamins and herbs I take. We discussed my age and its now time for that camera to head up my arse and take a peek. I said no thank you I wont be doing that. She blew up and started ranting about stupid people refusing tests. I told her again no I will not be taking that test as I have decided I will refuse any form of radiation or chemo if it turned up cancerous. I also told her calling me stupid would make this an impossible relationship. She immediately apologized. When I was younger I was staying over at my friend’s sister’s house. We were supposed to babysit. My friend had some guys come over and sleep with them.

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