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So the answer to the question is that it’s something that is not going to happen as long as a stable government is in charge of China because it has been the standing policy since ancient times Santa Claus up on the rooftop click click click off went the safety for ol’ St. Nick shirt. If you have grievances and instead of giving input as a responsible citizen you want to settle in a different country, definitely your choice I am fucking no one to comment but in that case, never blame your country for its problems because you are no more a part of it. Many people of different origins live in different countries and are free to do so but they see it from their own personal benefit prospect. I personally believe even if your contribution is unknown, you did it for your country that needs its people to be responsible as well towards their country. Everything in the world is a to and fro process.

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Santa Claus up on the rooftop click click click off went the safety for ol’ St. Nick shirt

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I know many people would not agree with me but loving your country is your fundamental responsibility equally to be followed as you have fundamental citizen rights. Granted, I eventually grew sick of them, and haven’t watched or listened to any of their segments the whole way through since. But still, I am very much an Evil Conservative, rotten to the bone with an appreciation for capitalism and free markets. That said, I do have criticisms of Ben. I think he’s sometimes given towards deliberately assuming the worst of Trump’s actions, due to him cultivating a reputation as “the Conservative that’s willing to stick it to Trump”. This represented itself most prominently over the tariff issues, where Ben appeared to intentionally misinterpret Trump’s use of tariffs as protectionism, rather than aggressive negotiation to get the target countries to lower their own trade barriers to American goods. I’m not a die-hard Trump supporter, and I don’t necessarily think that tariffs are the right way to go about this, but Trump’s intent regarding trade policy has been pretty clear for decades now.


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