Not on the mountain. Nicest guy you’ll meet. I met him at a financial conference…and I sympathize with famous people as it was non-stop selfies the whole week and he was consistently nice and patient with the guests there. He was humble and smart enough to spend a week to learn about how to better improve his financial life…so smart to surround with great mentors and people playing a high level. NOW on the mountain…a very different man. When he got off the lift. It was like a lion in his territory. Alpha. Very different Shaun. He just had this confidence, edge, and presence. Still kind, patient, but when we shredded…needless to say it was like watching a PRO (oh wait…yea he is). I accidentally ended up boarding with Shaun and made a quick video via my iPhone. Hope you enjoy the story of when I had a chance to go snowboarding with Shaun White:

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I doubt it. Rebecca and Shaun are currently with Galina and the other Assassins, searching for Dr Grammatica’s lab somewhere. Also most of the movie happens within the Abstergo facility under the close supervision of Alan Rikkin, who’s like the big baddie. I don’t think we’ll see much of modern Assassin except when they breakout of Abstergo as the trailer suggests. However, it would be really cool to see them. I guess they might be dropped as Easter eggs though. For school, I’m for the most part alright with academics (fingers crossed it will stay that way) although I’m always trying to get better; additionally, I participate in a reasonable amount of competitive extracurriculars to cultivate some more of those skills.

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