Shhh dong sleeping shirt

Really wish someone had asked that preacher to explain what specific policies the Democratic Party is platforming for the 2020 election that is Marxist or socialist and then explain how these are contrary to the biblical teaching about wealth and poverty. I wish Americans would educate themselves on what Marxism and Socialism actually mean. They sound about as bright as patio furniture. They’re all nuts absolute fruit cakes. Trump has absolutely NO redeeming qualities at all, not one! I’m kind of torn on this… I wish BBC would have focused more on Tristan’s movement but understand good reporting shows both sides of the story. This is important because what if there’s a Christian deep in the Bible Belt that has the same views as Tristan but feels alone or like they’re wrong/going against their religion? This will help them see they’re not alone and it’s ok to be Pro-LGBTQ+, Anti-racism, etc., and also a Christian. You’d think it would go hand and hand to not judge others with God creating us all and ya know telling us not to judge others… but people pick and choose what they want to follow from the Bible. There’s a small, but significant move of conservative evangelicals who have become (or always have been) Never Trumpers. They could well make all the difference. He would not be my first choice normally but Biden is a puppet. The liberals destroyed our country in blue run cities so you better believe I will vote for trump. Trump is incompatible with Christianity. Those who support him can not believe in the love that Jesus demonstrated

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Shhh dong sleeping shirt

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