My father was a Skeleton your pancreas is on the list diabetes awareness shirt only child his dad was 56 when he was born and his mother was 38. They spoiled him rotten. Fast forward I am the middle daughter I have an older and a younger brother. My dad my entire life has helped my brothers out, he has never helped me. If they are still in a financial bind he will help them. 2 summers ago I asked for help and he said to me what do you think I am a bank. So that was a no, I really did not need help I just wanted to hear what he would say. And last year we were having a discussion and he said that women are not allowed an opinion and should not talk, because they are female. Suffice to say I did not talk to him for 4 months.

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I did contact him after 4 months as I am the better person and he is 76 now. But I have absolutely no feelings for him, not even luv, or forgiveness. We were just married a few months, I came home from work exhausted and proceeded to get dinner ready. My husband worked shifts, and was off that day. Dinner was ready, and we sat down. He proceeded to complain about the potatoes. I stood up, threw the pot of potatoes in the air. I got my coat and left our apartment. I went for a drive and got lost. Three hours later I arrived home, he was watching the hockey game, and was not upset, worried or angry. All he said, Did you have a good time? I went in the kitchen, nothing was done, potatoes were all over walls and ceiling, and I had a big cleanup to do.

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