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No knowledge that bleach is disinfectant not to be ingested, I can say for sure, Conservatives didn’t take it that way. You are in my wheelhouse and lancet article is actually too kindThe mere fact that you think being a doctor makes you an expert on the allocation of resources, tells me that you are unreliable. I am a front line MD PHD physician and I know first hand the misery trump’s failed COVID response has put us in. They rarely make statements that have political connotations but Trump’s incompetence is not ordinary. If you’re not willing to do the work to develop and support and idea, you’re not doing anything meaningful. Do you know how to develop a conclusion and then use a citation to support the facts. Steven Honse looks it up and you will see where the coronavirus was coming from at hat time. At this point it’s obvious that your method of analysis is so flawed as to render your conclusions unreliable. Reasonable people can argue about the Efficacy of the ban, but no reasonable person can argue that it had no effect.

I doubt that you believe it because you use the word that’s obviously incorrect. The travel restriction from china was useless at that point COVID was being transmitted in the USA and from Europe. Whether the few comments made are wholly accurate or not, there is no way to defend the decisions of this administration in response to the coronavirus. I don’t think you consider anything if it’s contrary to your own opinion, I’m assuming you’re speaking about Patrick. Fauci was saying you didn’t need to wear masks and it was OK to go on a cruise. You’ll note that this person has an obvious bias and doesn’t even attempt to do and even-handed analysis steven Honse he rejected the WHO test but did not set up American tests. When he should have been preparing furiously for the onslaught everyone in the medical field knew was coming. None of your criticisms are well reasoned, They are purely political he also said it would said he had it under control remember. Having a test that can be processed quickly, and done by the tens of millions, took some time but it’s been accomplished.