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As I was shopping around, I moved into the petite clothing area and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fire the cannons football shirt flipping through the sale rack. Almost immediately, the saleswoman hustled over and without greeting me, said in an authoritative tone, “This is the petite department. The plus-size clothes are over on the other side. A shop that has such poorly trained staff doesn’t deserve my business. How unprofessional. I worked in retail for years, and you’d be amazed how much more you’ll make on commission by welcoming everyone, whether they look like they “belong” there or not.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fire the cannons football shirt

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Often the person who seems “out of their element” needs the most advice, and has come specifically to make a purchase. Maybe they’re shopping for a gift; maybe they’re humble and don’t wear their wealth on the outside; maybe they just got a promotion and need a whole new wardrobe. When I was an interior designer, a couple pulled up to my shop in a basic pickup truck, in jeans and t-shirts, with a muddy Labrador retriever in the back. I gave the dog some water and invited them (and the dog) into my upscale (but not snobby) establishment. It turned out they were members of a well-known, wealthy American family, and needed someone to design the interiors of the $2.5 million yacht they were building in a nearby marina. Of course I got the job, and they were terrific clients. Trump verbally abused and tortured the media from the moment he got in to office. Clearly, he has no skill set that incorporates cooperation. He was happier being adversarial, so that’s what came back to him.

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