I’ll just preface this by saying that wolves are top predators for a reason, and that there aren’t many animals more dangerous than a wolf that’s been backed into a corner. The average male weighs 100lbs, and are often longer than a man is tall. They’re smart, incredibly fast, and capable of crippling an enemy before they know what hit them. Hulk is the biggest pitbull in the world, weighing 180 lbs (80kg), and is fed a protein-rich diet that means he is a solid slab of muscle. The breeds that come closest to his size would be the South African Mastiff (Boerbell, shown below) or Caucasian Shepherd, both of which regularly kill lions and wolves, respectively.

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While the wolf is smarter, and faster (though not by much), fighting an animal that outweighs it by that much is next to impossible. In any but the most dire of circumstances, the wolf will turn tail and flee long before doing battle with a dog like this. However, what many people don’t realize is that “pit bull” isn’t a breed, but rather a group of dogs sharing some basic characteristics. Therefore, some Pitbulls might weigh significantly less than 50 lbs, like this guy here.

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