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We have different dads. She knew how much it meant for me to Teacher shark doo doo doo shirt my dad and I would ask her questions about him since she was around my bio mom more than I was. I always received a generic answer about him having a bald head and wearing glasses. So I continued my search, hoping that he wouldn’t die before I found him. I finally found him in January of 2019 and it was such a surreal moment. For some reason, I hesitated to tell her because I didn’t feel as though she would have been happy for me. It was an odd feeling. However, I went ahead and told her and my intuition was right. Her response was dry and it was obvious that she wasn’t happy for me. It broke my heart because I was extremely supportive of her when she found her dad years prior.Teacher shark doo doo doo shirt

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Her dad didn’t really care to have a relationship with her but I was there to help her through it. I would go on to later learn that she had actually found my dad’s facebook page YEARS prior and never told me. I had never seen him before and his name is common so it would have been impossible for me to find him on facebook. She knew where I could contact my dad for years and sat on the phone with me daily while withholding that information from me. She confronted me at the end of 2019, on facebook, and basically condemned me for not having a relationship with my bio mom but having one with my bio dad. This was the first time I had heard from her since I told her about finding my dad. I confronted her on everything that happened and called her out on her lies. She had no defense so she blocked me. I started to notice a change in our relationship in 2017 when I graduated with my Master’s Degree. She started to withdraw one month before my graduation and I brushed it off. My husband told me it may have been jealousy but I didn’t want to believe that.Shameless 2011 2021 11 season 122 episodes thank you for the memory hoodie

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