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The Queen offered them lives apart from the royal routine – some time in Africa, for instance – but everything she suggested was turned down – by Meghan. The Meghan who wanted to ‘hit the ground running’. The same Meghan who was bored at the first garden party she attended; the same Meghan who hated being a civil servant in a tiara! Meghan had all the help and support she could possibly need – or want – but she chose to ignore all advice and do things her way, even taking Jessica Mulroney with her to Australia, expecting to have time lying on the beach in the sun on their own.

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My parents adopted me when I was 5 (and my sister when she was 8). My paternal grandfather was upset that my dad would adopt two girls, when he could have adopted a boy and carried on the family name. Well, growing up all I heard out of my paternal grandfather was how awful females were. And then my father would tell him to leave (if he was at our house), or we would leave if we were at his house. Then my dad would always say after we were away from the grandfather ‘girls are fine, if I didn’t love them, I wouldn’t be married to one and wouldn’t have chosen to raise two.’ Aww how fucking wonderful.


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