For whatever reason, Khalid could tell Brigitte that he wanted to die but could not tell me. To this day, I know I failed him. I ultimately could not save him, nor admit to myself that I could not save him. I wanted him to live—but if I am honest with myself, part of the reason I wanted him to live was not for his own sake, but so I could say I saved him. I did not have the strength and courage to let him go when it became clear that is what he wanted.

St Patrick’s day Harley Quinn DC shirt

It was a hot day, I was sweating and I certainly wasn’t dressed up. I went in and was immediately greeted by an assistant who asked if she could help. I told her about the watches I had seen in the window and she told me to take a seat at a table. I wasn’t the only customer, there was very well-dressed lady in there also looking at watches. While I was waiting another young lady brought me coffee, then I could look at the watches at my leisure. I didn’t like the ones I had seen in the window so she brought some others over to look at. One was really lovely and I decided on that one. The bracelet needed to be extended as my wrists are big, they said they would do that and send it to their branch in my home town.

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