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Latest T-shirt template Shirt, Hoodie, and Sweater

The Latest T-shirt template! Because all of us are required to wear masks when in public, I have come across the easy guide to using masks. I don’t like sewing and I don’t have any extra fabrics in the house so that limits what I can do. I tried the unfortunate method of using bandanas and elastic bands that you may have seen shared on the internet, but it didn’t work for me – the folded towel didn’t fit my face and elastic bands were constantly slipping out of my ears.

Nice No Matter How Far I Roam Brooklyn Will Always Be My Home ShirtOn the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website I found a super-easy guide to using a t-shirt. I like how beautiful the T-shirt against my face is, but the tight-fitting lanyard I have to tie on the back of my head is still awkward. Plus, there is only one layer of fabric in the mask, and I want two layers. However, I decided the T-shirt idea was worth the savings and the Latest T-shirt template! T-shirts are great because everyone has some extra stuff in their cupboards they don’t wear anymore. And the fabric isn’t frayed, so you don’t have to contour it. After a lot of experimentation, this is my favorite technique. It’s still incredibly simple to do and you can create multiple masks from just one shirt.