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Revealing clothing can be either empowering for the individual rocking it The Peanuts characters playing in vacation 2021 shirt, or self-objectifying to herself or onlookers, or both, or neither. There is a tendency for many to scrutinize the actions of other women in the media – is Beyonce’s music video of “Drunk in Love” too revealing and reductionist of her body parts or expanding the standards of beauty we know today and empowering women to embrace the confidence of their body and image? is Nicki Minaj highlighting her butt on her album cover transgressive? Is Miley Cyrus twerking on stage an act of rebellion and embracing her sexual gratification and feminism or is it complacent in objectification and rape culture? We dissect each act according to our own biases and preconceived notions of feminism, beauty standards, social norms, and more. “Revealing clothes” falls under this category of scrutiny. So I don’t think there’s one concrete answer to your question but instead could prompt a discussion on the root causes of wearing revealing clothes.

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The Peanuts characters playing in vacation 2021 shirt

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My last point would be that it is most likely neither – and to scrutinize a woman’s decision to wear revealing clothing could be looking too closely at a situation where she may not have given it a second thought. It could have been hot out or all she could afford to buy, all she had in her closet, or all she wanted to wear that day for whatever reason or non-reason she had. This level of autonomy is a right for women, in my opinion, and whether it garners reactions along a spectrum of curious to sexist, it doesn’t quite matter. The estimate for when humans began wearing clothes, however, comes from studies of lice. Studies of body lice have shown that they are descendants of head lice; and since the former requires clothes to breed and survive, it’s been theorized that the species had to have split at the same time that humans began to wear clothes over their otherwise naked bodies. As an active-duty soldier, I had earned “Airborne wings” from paratrooper school and an Army good conduct medal. When classes started, we wore dress uniforms every day, and guess what – I had medals on my chest that seniors at the Academy did not have. This was enough to get me some extra attention from many of the upperclassmen.


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