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Melania initially refused to move from New York to Washington Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers better with age shirt, if you recall. Her attorneys and Donald’s attorneys renegotiated a completely new pre-nup, spelling out in great detail the sorts of functions that she had to be present for, and it included caps on total number of appearances. (It also reportedly included new much larger monetary compensation, both during the marriage, and post-marriage, should that occur). It reportedly made her promise not to engage in any divorce proceedings of any sort while he was still in office, and of course never to say or write anything in any way disparaging about her husband.Tom Brady Tampa Bay Buccaneers better with age shirt

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Anyone who tells you that judges don’t care if people do unethical things in order to win lawsuits has never been in a position to hear the way judges talk about lawyers who skirt the rules, when they talk about those lawyers behind their backs. A judge who catches a lawyer engaging in shady behavior will rarely call them out for it in open court. But it would be a serious mistake for anyone to infer that just because the judge didn’t rip the lawyer up one side and down the other in open court, the judge doesn’t care. I once had an infection in my toe from a hang nail. It was my big toe, I was told to use very warm water and salt mix and soak my toe for at least 30 minutes 3 times a day. My toe got more infected, to the point I couldn’t touch it without sending, what felt like, electric shocks through my body all the way to my toe. I was laying in the bed at emergency, and the doctors tried to freeze my toe, they checked if I felt anything, I screamed bloody murder while they put the freezing in and when they tested it, so they tried again, same thing so they tried again, I was so stressed out,

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