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I kept red eared sliders and a musk turtle Turtle in a world full of grandmas be a grammy shirt in my 50-gallon tank. You have to create a crawl out area and provide a sun lamp. They are hard on live plants because they dig them up. I used plastic plants for decoration. Forget cheap turtle food. Try to catch live insects or buy crickets and mealworms at reptile stores. I also used small bits of whatever fresh meat we were having for dinner. Be aware that turtles are very dirty. You will have to clean your tank frequently. I kept community fish at the same time with few casualties. Barbs, tetras, and danios, etc. My last slider grew to have a ten-inch shell Turtle in a world full of grandmas be a grammy shirt and stopped because the tank was a foot wide. I think she grew to fit. Turtles are very interesting and will come to you to eat out of your hand. Due to samonela you have to wash your hands well after touching them or any of their water. Because they are cold-blooded, diseases are very hard to treat. They can get soft shells without enough vitamin D and sunshine. There are vitamin drops but fresh food and a bit of liver are better. They can get eyelid inflammation which can blind them. It can be treated with drops. The worst thing, that killed my last turtle, was some kind of tissue eating disease that baffled the vet. Nothing we tried stopping it. It started on a leg and just kept going until it got inside the shell and she wasted away. Heartbreaking.
















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