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The trolley started picking up speed again. Cursing under Batman Yelling bat at cat shirt his breath, Batman found himself going backward. He switched back to drive and punched it, then swung around to the side and passed the trolley. He raced to the bottom of the hill. An old man was sitting in a wheelchair in front of the building at the bottom of the hill where the track ended. Through the PA in the car, he yelled, “Get clear! A trolley is coming in fast!” The old man’s eyes grew wide, and he began to wheel himself out of the danger zone. The next day she brought her son in and explained that Batman was busy and could not talk for long so just say hello and maybe give him a hug and that would be it. Her son dutifully walked up to Bale in full costume and yelled “BATMAN! SOMEONE’S IN TROUBLE!”. She simply went cold as she realized Bale was probably about to lose his rag and that would be the end of her job etc. when Bale said, in Batman’s voice “I guess we had better go help them”. He then picked the boy up and took him to the BatMobile.n moving a gloved hand across an array of switches, Batman Batman Yelling bat at cat shirt activated a grappler that was in front of the Batmobile. He’d used it before, years ago, to go up the side of the building to escape missiles Two-Face had shot at him. He didn’t need the booster rockets under the car. The grappler hook shot straight out at the trolley As soon as it secured, Batman stomped on the brakes. The trolley, however, was heavier than the Batmobile, and so the Batmobile was being dragged along. Batman slammed the car into reverse and punched it. Smoke came from the tires as the trolley began to slow. Then the unthinkable happened. The grappler cable snapped.








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