The guys working out at the gym. I was always taught that Satan is the father of all lies. Whatever causes us to lie is not of God. You should ask yourself if what you are doing is a loving choice to the people around you. since last 2 months won’t show gains like you’ll because you gain back those muscles faster the second time you start lifting

Millennium Falcon Metallica ride the lightspeed shirt

Pro-Life Jeremiah 15 I knew You shirt

Peoole Should Seriously Stop Expecting Normal form me We all Know it’s never going to happen shirt

Proud Member of The Leo nation zodiac sign traits Leo shirt

Rafael Nadal 18 Grand Slam 12 French open signature shirt

The fact that you say that you have no attraction to the opposite sex means you are gay. You can choose to act like you are heterosexual, certainly.The plus point is only one that too you’ll get to see this when you rejoin the gym and are a month or two old gaining and making your way back.


Remembering D-Day 75 Years Anniversary 6-6-44 shirt

Taylor Swift there were five holes in the fence shirt

The Haunted Mansion hurry back sunset shirt

Whisper words of wisdom let it be shirt

Yes I am a real Viking if you touch my coffee I will drink it from your skull shirt

The Haunted Mansion hurry back sunset shirt

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