Oh, he did not do that! One simple trip to the tenant rights office and a letter from an attorney stopped him in his tracks. Found out this was instigated by the super-religious roomie. For the next year, she’d call him every time we had men over or had a party or even had any guests over, then he’d call us threatening to evict us, I’d go get another letter from the attorney, rinse and repeat. We later found out he’d go into the house and go through our stuff while we were at work or school. Complete idiot.

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He and my friend left my house the next day and returned with a bottle of tequila. Everyone was drunk, and I and this guy were making out. Eventually, we were alone together and he said I was turning him on, and guided my hand to his crotch. I let it happen, I didn’t regret it at the time. I was a little bit embarrassed since it was my first time doing anything like that with a guy, but he guided me through it and was nice about it. I assumed he would just never talk to me again after that, but that’s not what happened.

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