Okay, that one time I did attend one of the free courses my university provided. I had to start from scratch (like many expats). Scratch means sounds of alphabets, numbers and days of the week. But after the first class, I was so overwhelmed that I just quit going to any other free language course my uni offered because … (I can give you as many reasons as possible). I will just say, I must have taken up those classes. Anyway, what’s gone is gone. So, I basically picked up my German from here and there in bits and pieces.I just listened and listened (songs and luckily I do have some favorite German artists) and spoke in broken pieces until I took the decision of doing a German course which is after 6 years ( I wanted to do this course since last year but well.

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It’s my second month in the class now and I literally could hold a (non-stop) 5-minute conversation about my work with my boss and I even wrote an official email in German with my lab collaborators (My colleagues proof checked it first of course). But that’s already a win and my boss mailed me back congratulating on my language and yes, I am proud. What I learned through a bad decision of taking those classes and what I would tell my younger self who arrived fresh in Germany is this: Take up those damn free class and learn those tips and excel at one of the toughest languages. More power to you and good luck. I am also sure each and every class will be worth it when you start including words without hesitating into your sentences like“Ich bin Naturwissenschaftlerin und Ich war in die Tschechischen Republik” (As noticed by better German speakers, there are mistakes in the above sentence. I am still learning )(There is no logic behind the sentence. It just says I am a scientist and I was in the Czech republic) I just used two words which I took ages to pronounce properly.

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