I have never seen either in a dress or even pant suits. My one sister owns a red Mustang convertible and does donuts in it. She loves revving the engine. She has more speeding tickets than my brother and I combined. She also has a truck and hitches up trailers to it. . If your saying something and their timing of ‘Thadhasthu’ saying matches and coincides , whatever you said will definitely happen. This is the belief.he was not comfortable with such a small baby. He held him only when my son was in walking stage. Till then he used to shower his love when baby was sleeping or in my hands or lap. Adding to that we were settling in our lives slowly.

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He can’t help in giving bath to the baby, he can’t change his dress, hates changing nappies. So many times he threw up. Vomitted.Definitely I can’t handle a big baby and small baby at a time I hate milk. But I have to bear the smell for the sake of baby. I used to wipe the baby’s mouth immediately after feeding with light wet cotton and apply little natural Chandan( sandal wood paste) to his dress. I used to make that at home. Later stages I used little baby talcum powder.

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Shaun the Sheep Not so scary Halloween party shirt

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