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Baby Yoda is supposed to be 50 years old, so it coexisted with Yoda — the Mandalorian is set only 5 years after ROTJ. And Yoda said he was the last of his kind, so guess this would have been a surprise to him too. Gonna be interesting to find out what gives — I haven’t completed the binge, but since nobody else seems to know much about baby Yoda, not even a better name than “baby Yoda” (I think they officially call it “the child”) or even a species name, I have to assume he will continue to be the McGuffin for series 2 and can only hope it’ll make more sense then. This forces our protagonist to reevaluate everything, and then to stand and fight in a battle that is not of his choosing. The MacGuffin ends up challenging our hero to reach new heroic heights, and to spend himself at the worthy cause. The Mandalorian is exceptionally well written. It takes an Old West archetype, lone wolf and cub, and integrates it with seamless perfection into our galaxy long, long ago and far, far away. I believe Baby Yoda will prove to be a free moral agent, one who will challenge the Mandalorian in ever more demanding ways as the series progresses.















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