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None. The illusion that  California is radically different from other places on the planet Earth is a mythology-based on envy and ignorance. People do not hatch out of eggs. Hugging trees does not result in baby Groots running all over the place. I would say that the often extremely beautiful weather and vistas of overwhelming beauty do inspire perhaps a bit more art and artistry as also does the sadness and misery which gave us Pulitzer prize-winning novel The Grapes of Wrath written by Nobel prize-winning author John Steinbeck. I’m going to talk about James Gunn a lot, because this movie and the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise owe so much to this man. James Gunn started his career as a writer and honed his skills as a writer and director for one of the leading B-movie production companies Troma Studios. To understand 2 works so well, you have to understand where James Gunn comes from, and how far he’s gone. The real power of this film is both literally and figuratively in the heart. Disney is magical in finding those happy, poignant, or bittersweet moments, and tug at your heart, and this hits harder than almost any other Disney film on that front.
















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