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I play a lot of golf and someone once said my footwork looked like I was dancing. I’ve danced for the last 10 years but I played golf for 33 years before that. I’ve always been very rhythmic and smooth, especially in the transition from backswing to downswing. Golf made me aware of feeling the ground with my feet and trying to stay in balance and move on uneven terrain, but I think dancing made me even more aware of how to use my feet to move my body. Always been very aware of the feel of centripetal force when swinging a golf club which made it easy to feel those forces when dancing with a partner. Positioning my dance partner, knowing where she is and where I want her to move, with me, and communicating varying amounts of pressure at the right time with my body parts, are all similar to maneuvering a golf club. One reason and the most important is the time the game asks its viewers to devote. At the end of the day, its a sport. You do not know what’s gonna happen. Who’s gonna win and who’s gonna lose? That is the entire thrill of a game. But, then the time!!! One reason why T20 is gaining more popularity than Tests and ODIs in cricket
















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