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We don’t have any notable speed feats Daddy you are as fast as Minato as brave as Naruto shirt until we see him use sage mode to which he gains massive boosts in stamina, strength, chakra, and speed, and precog. An incomplete Sage Mode from the sound ninja 4 (which was curse mark v2 based on Hugo’s own curse mark which is a natural form of sage mode but he can’t control it) was said to have made them 10x more powerful than their curse mark v1 otherwise known as their base model. Naruto who is capable of using a real and completed sage mode should be at the very least 10x stronger and faster than his base (from when he blitzed Sasuke at the valley of the end with his 9 tails aura, not the 1 tail cloak) and based on that Naruto is now at Mach 10 or faster at the very least. Naruto was also capable of blitzing pain who should be faster than kid Sasukeredbubbletees. Not to mention he was able to throw a giant rhino up in the sky which also shows his massive physical strength boost.
















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