It saddens me to do so, but I must throw in a serious Bear go outside worst case scenario a bear kills you shirt cautionary note. I am not a vet or a trainer, I am just a life long dog owner. At present, I own a pure lab and a shelter rescued hound mix. The latter is laying in my lap as I write this (big dog and big lap). A couple of years back, my adult daughter adopted a pit bull from our local (very good) shelter. He is a magnificent dog, with all the good qualities noted by other responses to this question: loving, playful, goofy, etc. Bottom line, as much as I love this dog, I would never allow him to be around any other dog or any child; he is too unpredictable.

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Again, I am not a breeder, Bear go outside worst case scenario a bear kills you shirt but in my simple way of looking at this, certain characteristics and behaviors are bred into dogs. My lab swims and fetches. My hound barks and runs in packs with other dogs. My pit did what – in part – pits were bred to do. The average male weighs 100lbs, and are often longer than a man is tall. They’re smart, incredibly fast, and capable of crippling an enemy before they know what hit them. I’ll just preface this by saying that wolves are top predators for a reason and that there aren’t many animals more dangerous than a wolf that’s been backed into a corner.

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