What’s weird this is one of my favorite movies but when I hear 1984 I think of Van Halen. Still waiting for Mike Barnes vs Johnny Lawrence. We finally got patio vs Mayweather to make it happen. What if I told you Johnny Lawrence was thee, karate kid. Wind blowing fast enough to destroy the turbine yet fragments land right next to it as they fall. Lol, still won’t shatter like that unless super cold. One of the best 30 for the 30s I have seen. Raw and uncut. Great stories from behind the scenes by key players. Outstanding work! I’m loving the pro-Kai atmosphere on this page. It reminds me of the old Karate Kid Part III message board on IMDB.
Fuck me up on a spiritual level shirtFuck me up on a spiritual level Guys shirt

Fuck me up on a spiritual level shirt

Cobra Kai strike first strike hard no mercy Guys shirt

Cobra Kai strike first strike hard no mercy shirt

Not true, I executed it masterfully but it was easily blocked and my opponent punched me in the face. Thanks, Daniel. I remember when the movie first came out. I was 13. I was a super fan but nobody in my town was. They were all like “yeah, I saw it a big deal”. That thing produced the most energy it ever has for that minute before it exploded. Animals know when something is going to happen. They have their own radar detection in their system. The horses are clearly to blame, they sabotaged and ran out of there. It does not take much to figure out that they are not big fans. If we’d stop producing artificial wind this would NEVER happen.

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