She asked me to read and do a two-page book report on the book, “A Catcher in the Rye.” Kind of ironic, I thought! I told her I had read this book back in the 8th grade and did a report on it. The Ft. Campbell system, had shorter classes but more of them. I had everything I needed to graduate and more. I had advanced placement classes I had taken there. My friend Tom, needed a bit more. I had to take a bus to school which sucked.
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Jack Skellington fear the Cowboys shirt

I don’t think she liked being anywhere. She had been sent back to Juvenile Hall on two different occasions for probation violations, short stints in lockup before being sent to a placement facility that was basically not much different from the one before. Eventually, she put her head down. This girl didn’t show tears, and I let her have her space, but she didn’t cry. She wasn’t lashing out, though, and you have no idea how big a step that was for her. I walked away, I let her have her moment.

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