Somewhere along with this timeframe, we have the thought of a Turtley sunflower shirt together with him/her, and those thoughts turn real deep. We start talking till late in the night, start sharing the most personal stuff with each other, stuff that even your parents​ might not know. You start becoming possessive and protective of the other person. And that’s when you realize you’re in love. Speaking from experience! Honestly, it depends on individual to individual. Although the capacity to love has its beginning in self, it goes without doubt that we as human beings inherently want to matter to our living surroundings.

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The choice of whether one should focus completely on Turtley sunflower shirt or others to find a meaning to life is like going for a boat ride, asking to choose between the boat and the oar. The oar is I and the boat is THEY, when working together in harmony it is WE, which is the meaning of life. Without the oar, you will float where the boat takes you, and without the boat, you will sail nowhere. Now, to some, WE may be world, species, race, nation, religion, culture, community, neighborhood, friends-circle, family, couple, or self ( like in some cases of dissociative identity disorders ). So the question really should be which WE do you more resonate with.


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