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In no way is that a criticism of Anthony Maggert, who sounds like a fine man. West Virginia Mountaineers Fathor Like A Normal Father Only Stronger Hoodie wonderful story, just think a person who has lost a limb stops to help someone change a tire. I am so glad there are still Americans out there like this. It restores my faith in America. Bless this nation and it’s people. I heard him speak a few months ago and he said he came in 3rd place in the 2016 election. Lol. Great man if you have a chance I recommend hearing him speak. Doing a lot of amazing nonprofit work. A simple, but the heartwarming story that I made my heart smile and restored my faith in the goodness of mankind. God bless you, veteran Maggert.

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Your service and sacrifice for our country and your random act of kindness to help a fellow brother is worthy of all the praises. I salute you, my hero of the day. Yes, sure is a shame that people actual think about the causes of so many Americans needing prosthetics. Do they fail to see the feelgood factor in the story. Possibly, but thinking it through fully makes you realize that Veteran Maggert could have been a Good Samaritan with all his limbs intact if not for a manufactured international crisis that cost him dearly. West Virginia Mountaineers Fathor Like A Normal Father Only Stronger Hoodie I respect anyone right to see it. Border wall is so easy to beat and it’s a no brainer. A simple scaffolding with makeshift floors and walls can be a staging ground for people on the other side to get over easily with the help of a hoist. Whoever selling this fund idea of border wall is a financial extravaganza for them.

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