The abuse isn’t necessarily physical, most of the abuse is mental, denying the inmates their privileges (outdoor time, telephone privileges), or neglect. Also, if a prisoner becomes injured or mistreated, whomever caused the injury can be charged with a crime, fired, or even incarcerated themselves (injuries from staff is rare because that would cause an investigation, they know how to game the system). I’ve seen this happen several times. Even if an inmate injures another inmate, they can be punished or have time added to his sentence. Cancer moons need to be cradled and looked after for. We are very sensitive beings who are fragile and delicate, yet we also can be insanely nurturing and tending towards those inside of our shell.. We want to nurture those who nurture us and we want to connect to them.. Gentle handinglinf, and someone who won’t wear our from our constant need of support and nurturing.

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The person will have to be accepting towards our emotions and never judge or ivnosdate our emotional experience. We Cancer’s are ruled by the moon and Taurus is exalt it.. Routine, something to look after or work on, dedication, and service are things they’re in need of. They also need someone who can talk them down whilst anxious and who can help them to live a little more but well actually less.. sad they need to modify things a bit.. They need verbal praise and to know you’re appreciated by them.

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