No sooner did we buy that car, coming through the door the phone was ringing. It was the owner of the auto dealership and he told us we could buy the Cadillac for the offer we made. (The salesman had refused to do this when we suggested he call the owner.) We proudly informed him that we had in fact purchased a Cadillac of the same year from a private person and he couldn’t believe it. It had only been two days since we made the offer.

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My ex was exceptionally good about making offers on anything. I think he thrived on his ability to beat the sales people at their own game. He once went to a Jaguar dealership, saw the car he wanted and made an offer. He made the offer before he asked how much the car was. Just like that. “I’ll give you “X” amount of money for this Jaguar. He said he was firm on the price and he would make his offer one more time and if they refused his price, he would leave. They refused his price. So, he walked out, got into his car and I saw the salesman running down the parking lot. My ex stopped the car, the salesman said they would accept his offer, then my ex said including tax! The look on the salesman’s face. He accepted, I could tell reluctantly. I wonder what his commission was.

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